South African Sardine Run

South African Sardine Run

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Wild Coast, South Africa


14 Days


6 Guests


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Set against the backdrop of South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal Province, our expedition promises a marine spectacle unlike any other. Between June and July, the waters come alive as massive sardine shoals embark on their northern journey from the Agulhas Bank. This “Greatest Shoal on Earth” draws a vivid tableau of predators: keen-eyed gannets diving with precision, agile dolphins herding their prey, and lurking sharks poised for the chase.

Each morning, clad in wetsuits and with cameras at the ready, we’ll embark on our zodiacs. The open sea’s rhythmic waves are our gateway to the drama below. Guided by the acrobatics of diving birds and the dance of dolphins, we’ll pinpoint the sardine gatherings.

Whether free swimming amidst the chaos or diving deeper to be surrounded by the spectacle, every plunge offers a new narrative. Witness the synergy of predator and prey, the swift darts of sharks, and the aerial mastery of birds—all converging on the ever-moving sardine ballet. This isn’t just a dive; it’s an immersion into one of nature’s most orchestrated marine events. Join us in this dance of life beneath the waves.

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Workshop Leader

Amos Nachoum

As an expedition guide, Amos is known for his meticulous planning and vast experience navigating challenging environments. He instills confidence in his team members, always prioritizing safety and respect for the natural world. His deep understanding of marine life and their habitats, coupled with his ability to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions, makes him an invaluable mentor to those fortunate to journey with him.

In essence, to embark on an expedition with Amos Nachoum is to learn from a seasoned explorer and master photographer, someone who has dedicated his life to understanding and showcasing the beauty of the world’s most formidable marine life. His vast experience, deep respect for nature, and commitment to sharing his knowledge make him a guide any veteran explorer or photographer would be privileged to work with.

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Wild Coast, South Africa


Day 1: Arrive Durban

Day 2: Travel to Lodge
Group transfer to Port St. John, check in to accommodations at N’taba River Lodge

Days 3 – 14: Adventure in the Water
Ten days of adventure in the ocean. Every morning we leave early heading out through the surf to deeper waters. Searching for sardines, Gannets diving, dolphins, sharks and whales

Day 15 – Return to Durban
Transfer of 5 – 7 hours to Durban, in order to connect with international flights…


Water 68 – 72°F (20 – 23°C)
Surface 60 – 78°F (14 – 26°C)

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