Mobula Rays (Orcas) in Mexico

Mobula Rays (Orcas) in Mexico

We’re doing it again! The only question is…are you in!? May and June are the peak months for the annual Mobula ray migration along the stunning coast of Baja—an event so breathtaking it is featured in numerous documentaries. There is simply nothing else like it. This gathering of literally thousands of rays is one of the largest in the world, and among the most exciting natural phenomena on our planet. And we will be there, free diving in the middle of it.

You don’t want to miss this experience. We will be swimming in the beautiful, clear blue water, only to be pulled closer into a swarm of thousands of these beautiful rays (about 3 – 4 feet wide from wing tip to wing tip) as they float through the ocean current, swim in endless circles, and show off acrobatics as they jump in and out of the water.

We will use a microlight two the three times during the week to search for shoals of Mobula rays as they aggregate along the Sea of Cortez coastlines of the Baja California peninsula, along with all other pelagic, sharks, whales, orca, and other incredible ocean creatures.

And while it’s easy to compare the volume and energy of the oceanic wildlife to the Sardine runs in South Africa and Mexico, what makes this experience different and so desired it is that it’s a much more gentle, soft adventure—while just as dynamic at the same time.

And after our days of adventure at sea, we anchor down at night in Baja’s secluded bays.

The Mango Wind is an award-winning, luxurious, 45-foot catamaran designed by Robertson and Caine, one of the world’s leading charter boat builders. We also offering onboard our private chef, photo guide and a naturalist.

The 45-foot sailing Catamaran features a large galley up front with a saloon and seating, and a large seating and dining area outside, under the canvas bimini. The width of the boat allows for plenty of deck space and one can always find a quiet, private spot. Aft there is a wide walkway across the boat and steps for easy water access.

The catamaran has four cabins. Three cabins that are dedicated for our guests feature a double bed, private restroom and shower.

The boat sails incredibly well, is very stable and is equipped with complete electronics and high-powered engines, giving great performance and reliability under power as well as sail.

*Dates and pricing are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions, animal behavior, and currency fluctuation.

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