Great White Shark Australia

Great White Shark Australia

Imagine yourself joining an exclusive great white shark diving expedition led by the underwater wildlife photographer and expedition guide, Amos Nachoum. As you set sail to the Neptune Islands in South Australia, an area known for its rich marine life and great white shark population, Amos shares his wealth of knowledge about these apex predators and their crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems.

Upon arrival at the dive site, Amos briefs you and your fellow adventurers on safety procedures and the importance of respecting the great white sharks in their natural habitat. His passion for conservation is infectious, and you can’t help but feel even more excited and privileged to be part of this unique experience.

The crew lowers a custom-designed cage into the water, ensuring its stability and security before you and Amos descend into the depths, surrounded by the deep blue ocean. As you peer through the metal bars, your heart races in anticipation of your first great white encounter.

Amos’s experienced eye spots a shadow in the distance, gradually taking the unmistakable form of a great white shark. The majestic creature swims gracefully toward you, its powerful body gliding effortlessly through the water. As the shark approaches, Amos calmly instructs you on capturing the perfect shot, sharing his expertise to help you document this awe-inspiring moment.

Throughout the dive, Amos continues to offer guidance on photographing the great whites, providing invaluable tips on composition, lighting, and camera settings. His presence enhances your experience, offering a deeper understanding of the sharks and their behaviors while also helping you to immortalize these breathtaking encounters through photography.

At the end of the day, you return to the boat with unforgettable memories, incredible images, and a new-found respect and appreciation for these often-misunderstood animals. Your adventure with Amos Nachoum leaves you with not only a thrilling experience but also the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve learned from a master of underwater wildlife photography.

By participating in an expedition led by Amos, you support his ongoing commitment to raising awareness about the importance of marine conservation and preserving the fragile beauty of our ocean ecosystems for future generations.

*Dates and pricing are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions, animal behavior, and currency fluctuation.

Adelaide, Australia




6 Days of Diving




Swim with great white sharks and seals

Price and Dates
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January 27, 2024 – February 7, 2024

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27: Depart from your hometown to Melbourne, Australia with connection to Adelaide

29: arrive Adelaide and overnight. Here we all meet in Adelaide and dinner

30: Flight to Port Lincoln. Few hours layover see the town and transfer to the vessel in the afternoon.

31: – 1/06 – 6 days of Cage diving with the Australian Great whites.


06 – return to Port Lincoln, fly up to Adelaide and overnight. Dinner planed, if possible, with Rodney Fox and Andrew his son.

07 – departure to your next destination


15 – 17C (59 – 62F)

15 – 20 meters (45 – 80 feet)

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Aboard the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions vessel, you’ll experience an unforgettable and thrilling adventure, with comfort and safety as top priorities. The vessel has been designed and equipped to ensure an enjoyable and secure journey as you explore the fascinating world of great white sharks.

The expedition vessel offers comfortable accommodations for guests, with a range of cabin options to suit different preferences. Most cabins are equipped with private en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning for a pleasant stay. The vessel also features cozy communal areas, including a spacious dining area where guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared by the onboard chef. Dietary requirements are taken into account to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

The boat’s spacious deck areas offer plenty of room for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying the stunning ocean views. It’s also an excellent place for photography enthusiasts to set up their equipment and capture breathtaking images of the marine life, sunsets, and surrounding landscapes.

Apart from diving with great white sharks, guests aboard the Rodney Fox vessel often have the opportunity to engage in other activities, such as snorkeling, exploring nearby islands, or learning more about the marine ecosystem through informative presentations and talks from shark experts.

In summary, life aboard the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions vessel offers guests a compelling blend of excitement, adventure, comfort, and education. The dedicated crew, comfortable accommodations, and commitment to safety ensure an unforgettable experience while diving with the incredible great white sharks.


  • 7 nights on Board M/V Rodney Fox – single occupancy, all meals
  • 6 days of diving – alternating equal time between bottom cage and surface cage
  • 2 nights hotel in Adelaide – single occupancy
  • Dive gear rental – BCD, Regulator & fins
  • All taxes, fuel, park fee and port fee
  • Amos photo coaching


  • International and domestic flights
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals other than breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal charges such as laundry, telecommunications
  • Gratuities

Getting there

The best way to get to Adelaide is to fly into Melbourne, Australia and make a connection to Adelaide from there



When it comes to the shark diving experience, Rodney Fox Expeditions provides top-notch safety gear and uses custom-built cages for underwater encounters. The knowledgeable crew, with years of experience in great white shark diving, is always on hand to provide expert guidance, ensuring guests have a safe and memorable encounter with these magnificent creatures.

The Rodney Fox organization offers two distinct cage options for diving encounters: the lower cage and the surface cage. Each cage is designed to accommodate four divers, providing ample space and comfort.

Our group of eight guests will take turns alternating between the lower cage and the surface cage, ensuring equal opportunities for thrilling shark encounters. The lower cage is carefully positioned a few feet above the seafloor at depths ranging from 40 to 80 feet, depending on the sharks’ location. Once divers in the lower cage are at ease, the dive masters will open the cage door, offering a clear and unobstructed view of the environment and the majestic sharks gliding gracefully above the seabed.

To ensure equal filming opportunities, the four divers in the lower cage will share the open-door experience, with two divers at a time capturing the breathtaking underwater world. Additionally, guests can look forward to a day spent diving with playful Australian seals and embarking on a quest to discover and photograph the elusive weedy and leafy sea dragons.

Rodney Fox

Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1940, developed a love for the sea from an early age through fishing and spearfishing. In 1963, he survived a severe attack by a Great White Shark, which inspired him to build the world’s first shark cage and begin cage diving expeditions to observe and study the creatures. He filmed the first-ever underwater footage of Great White Sharks, which gained international recognition and contributed to the industry of shark cage diving. Rodney continued to run these tours and make films until 1999, and his son, Andrew, now carries on the family legacy as a world-renowned underwater photographer and advocate of Great White Sharks. Rodney is a prominent speaker at international conservation and diving events and has authored a book about his life called “Sharks, the Sea and Me.”

Andrew Fox

Grew up surrounded by sharks, as his father Rodney was a pioneer in filming documentaries about great white sharks. Andrew inherited his father’s fascination with sharks and spent as much time as possible observing and studying them. He even identified individual sharks by name and became an expert on their behavior and ecology. Andrew also developed keen photography skills and has cataloged over 1000 individual sharks. He established the Fox Shark Research Foundation in 2001 and began running Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, offering tourists a thrilling live-aboard experience with sharks while also conducting research. Andrew is now a globally recognized authority on great white sharks and is often approached by the media for his balanced opinion on environmental issues, shark attacks, and shark culling.

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