Polar Bear Svalbard by Land

Polar Bear Svalbard by Land

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Svalbard, Norway


9 Days


4 Guests


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Dates (Polar Bear Predation)

March 30 – April 7, 2024, April 6 – 14, 2024

Welcome to the polar bear expedition to Svalbard, where the untouched Arctic wilderness awaits you. A land sculpted by ice and time – a place where nature commands your respect in return for its inspiration.

We choose to travel to Svalbard later because this is when the polar bears gather in large numbers, increasing our chances of seeing these majestic creatures and better understanding their world. Through our many years of experience we’ve learned having two local guides join us vastly increases our chances of finding the bears. One guide will accompany our group during the day, while the other will play a unique role as our night watcher, tracking the polar bears as we sleep. Thanks to this intelligence, each morning will hold the promise of a new encounter and the unfolding of a new story.

Ultimately, we’re in Svalbard for more than just its polar bears or any other animal; we’re here to understand it: to learn its language, understand its rhythms, and form a deep connection with it. We welcome you to join us for a chance to live the Arctic life — to participate in a timeless narrative of survival written in snow and ice — promising to change you in ways you never imagined.


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Workshop Leader

As an expedition guide, Amos is known for his meticulous planning and vast experience navigating challenging environments. He instills confidence in his team members, always prioritizing safety and respect for the natural world. His deep understanding of marine life and their habitats, coupled with his ability to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions, makes him an invaluable mentor to those fortunate to journey with him.

In essence, to embark on an expedition with Amos Nachoum is to learn from a seasoned explorer and master photographer, someone who has dedicated his life to understanding and showcasing the beauty of the world’s most formidable marine life. His vast experience, deep respect for nature, and commitment to sharing his knowledge make him a guide any veteran explorer or photographer would be privileged to work with.

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Svalbard, Norway


Day 1

The polar bear expedition to Svalbard begins as your plane touches down in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. A place where snow-capped mountains reach high into the azure sky, and the Arctic Ocean stretches as far as the eye can see. Leaving the hustle and bustle of your daily life behind, you’re now stepping into an entirely different world – a world where nature reigns supreme. You’ll check into your hotel, where you can rest and prepare for the days ahead.

Day 2 – 7

As the first light of day breaks on the first day we gear up. Everything we need is ready – personal items, cameras, team supplies, fuel, and food, all strapped onto our sleds. We’ll take a crash course on the snowmobiles and once we’re comfortable and ready, we’ll make our way across the frozen sea to the island of Spitsbergen, our home base. It will take us a little over three hours to reach the island’s only town, an abandoned mining operation, now home to the upgraded Pyramiden Hotel. It’s not five-star luxury, but it’s warm, comfortable, and great for sleeping. We’ll begin our days here with breakfast and end them here with dinner. We’ll spend the rest of our time out on the ice.

At this time of year, the arctic days are long. The extended daylight will allow us to spend 10 to 14 hours at a time out in the wilderness. Along the way, quick, camp-style meals and hot tea will keep us going as we spend Five Full Days exploring the arctic expanses, tracking polar bears as they stalk their prey—seals and reindeer. We will be immersed in a cycle of observing, learning, and capturing the raw beauty of nature in a place few people ever get to see; an exploration in its purest form, a chance to witness life in one of its harshest yet most stunningly beautiful habitats.

The grand prize for polar bear lovers is observing a mother polar bear with her cubs. Most of the time, she will have two cubs, but on rare occasions, we see her with three. Watching the young ones with their mother is something special. They play, explore, and learn under the watchful eyes of their mother. It’s not uncommon for us to see a mother bear nurse her cubs right there on the open ice. She has no fear – her only concern is another male bear or us, the observers.

Our guides know the lay of the land and the behavior of these magnificent creatures. Their expertise ensures the safety of both us and the bear family. They bring us to a safe distance where we set up our tripods and cameras to capture deeply relatable and endearing interactions between the cubs and their mother.

Day 8

We begin our journey back to civilization, to Longyearbyen. We return tour gear and head for our lodging, where a simple pleasure will be waiting for you: a hot shower — a true luxury after spending many days and nights immersed in the stark, cold beauty of the Arctic. To say goodby, we gather together for one last meal, a farewell dinner where we share stories, laughter, and the common bond of our shared adventure.

Day 9

Our polar bear expedition to Svalbard has come to an end and it’s time to part ways, each of us making our way to the airport, our minds full of memories, our cameras full of breathtaking photos. Wherever you’re headed next, you’re taking a piece of the Arctic with you, a sense of awe, respect, and love for this spectacular wilderness that will stay with you, always.


Day 23 – 77°F (-5 – 25°C)
Night -4 to -40°F (-20 to -40°C)

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