Amos Nachoum


Amos Nachoum is an internationally acclaimed wildlife and underwater photographer and explorer. With a career spanning more than four decades, he has dedicated his life to capturing extraordinary images of elusive aquatic species and inspiring others to understand and respect the natural world.

Amos’s journey began in his home country, where he served as a commando in the Israeli Special Forces during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. His military service shaped his character, instilling resilience and leadership, and fostering an enduring desire for exploration and understanding of the world around him.

Following his military service, he found his calling in the tranquil depths of the ocean. He left for the United States, where he pursued his passion for underwater photography. With a keen eye and a unique ability to connect with marine life, he quickly distinguished himself in the field.

Over the years, Amos honed his photographic skills through practical experience and constant learning. He has a unique understanding of light and motion underwater, which, combined with his knowledge of marine animal behavior, allows him to create images that are both scientifically valuable and artistically compelling.

His extraordinary work has won him numerous awards. Notably, he is a two-time winner of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. His work has also been recognized by National Geographic, the World Press Photo, and the United Nations Environmental Program, among others. His images have appeared in prominent publications worldwide, including National Geographic Magazine, Time, Life, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, and many others.

In 2000, Amos founded Big Animals Global Expeditions, a venture that enables adventurous spirits to join him in exploring and photographing some of the world’s most remarkable marine species. These expeditions are specifically designed to offer intimate and safe encounters with creatures like the great white shark, orca, leopard seal, and the elusive polar bear.

As an expedition guide, Amos is known for his meticulous planning and vast experience navigating challenging environments. He instills confidence in his team members, always prioritizing safety and respect for the natural world. His deep understanding of marine life and their habitats, coupled with his ability to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions, makes him an invaluable mentor to those fortunate to journey with him.

His 2019 documentary, “Picture of His Life,” showcases the courage, tenacity, and unwavering dedication he brings to his work. The film follows Amos to the Canadian Arctic, where he fulfills a lifelong dream of photographing a swimming polar bear up close, underlining his commitment to capturing the grandeur and vitality of marine life.

In essence, to embark on an expedition with Amos Nachoum is to learn from a seasoned explorer and master photographer, someone who has dedicated his life to understanding and showcasing the beauty of the world’s most formidable marine life. His vast experience, deep respect for nature, and commitment to sharing his knowledge make him a guide any veteran explorer or photographer would be privileged to work with.