Costa Rica Dome
costa rica dome

Costa Rica Dome

The Costa Rica Dome

300 miles off the western coast of Costa Rica. Approximately 70% occurs on the high seas, and the remaining 30% straddles the Exclusive Economic Zones of Central American countries. One of the world’s highest concentrations of phytoplankton and primary productivity rates occurs in the Dome, making the area a preferred habitat for endangered, emblematic species like the blue whale and leatherback turtle. In addition to acting as a significant carbon sink, the Dome serves a breeding ground, feeding place and migratory corridor for sharks, multiple cetaceans, sea turtles, large pelagic fish, marine predators, and seabirds

An Elusive Goal

To date, two expeditions have attempted to dive in the dome. The first was twelve years ago, and was led by National Geo and BBC, the other was six years ago, and that one was led by me. Both expeditions were unsuccessful, as we were both get kept out of the water by very strong winds. Mission Blue led a successful scientific expedition there in 2017, but divers have yet to experience the Dome.

I’ve been looking to get back to the Dome and dive there successfully. Over the past six years, I’ve been in contact with local operators in Costa Rica, who have been observing and reporting back on the wind patterns. They’ve reported back that the winds aren’t always strong, but cycle through periods of turbulence and calm.

This was excellent news, because it means that the periods of calm winds will present opportunities to dive in the Dome area, and now we have devised a plan that will give us a chance to achieve an unprecedented accomplishment in diving, photography, and conservation — to witness one of most unreachable phenomena in all of aquatic research.

The Plan for 2022/2023

The Plan for 2022/2023

I selected a three-week window of opportunity (exact date will be shared by direct inquiries) when we will be in Costa Rica having the time of our lives on land exploring the rain Forest, and at sea diving with mega-pods of spinner dolphins — waiting for the right moment to race to the Dome.


To summarize this adventure — we do not know exactly what we are going to get. We know for sure we will spend our time exploring the wonderful Costa Rican rain forest and swimming with super pods of spinner dolphins. While we are engaged in our activities, my team of observers will be watching NOAA updates for the right changes in water temperature and slowing wind speeds. As soon as they see the right weather patterns emerging, they’ll give us the green light, and we jump on our boat and cruise out full speed to the dome where we expect to encounter blue, sei, and fin whales feeding and migrating.


*Dates and pricing are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions, animal behavior, and currency fluctuation.

Costa Rica




18 Days 


Boats and Overland Vehicles


Be one of the first people to ever dive in the Costa Rica Dome: swim with blue whales, sperm whales, dolphins and many other types of marine mammals, explore the rain forest

Scuba vs. Snorkeling

Scuba with pony tanks is available to all qualified divers, but only when we are not diving with whales. While engaging with whales, all of our activities will be conducted via snorkeling and free diving. When we are with dolphins, shark, bill fish and rays: scuba is possible using our unique pony tank technique.

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March - April, 2023

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