2023 – 2024 Photography Workshops

Joining Amos’ wildlife photography workshop offers a unique opportunity that transcends the experience of a traditional photography tour, beyond refinements in pointing and shooting, to a deeply immersive experience designed to evolve and elevate both the work and the artist. Even if you’re an expert behind the lens, photography is an art where horizons constantly expand. With Amos—a globally recognized, award-winning photographer—as your guide, every moment becomes an opportunity for growth. His workshops cater to all: from those wishing to refine their prowess to those wanting to explore new techniques. You won’t just be capturing moments; you’ll be understanding the very essence of each snapshot.

  • You’ll learn from Amos’s extensive experience and unique perspectives, which can invigorate even the most seasoned photographer’s approach.
  • You’ll be amongst peers of varying expertise, allowing for diverse interactions, feedback, and shared wisdom.
  • More than just instruction, it’s mentorship. The nuances Amos brings from his storied career promise insights that are both profound and practical.

So, while photography tours let you see the world, Amos’s workshops empower you to see it differently. It’s an invitation not just to photograph, but to reimagine and redefine your artistic vision alongside a master of the craft.