Valentina Kochian Grimaldi

Valentina is a marine biologist, wildlife guide and free dive instructor. From leading expeditions, to taking care of safety, to working in production logistics, she’s had all sorts of experience in the water.

She’s currently based in La Paz, Mexico, where she founded Freefall Academy, her freediving school. Through a mixture of her marine biology background and thousands of hours spent in the Ocean observing animal behavior, she loves sharing her knowledge in order to have respectful and meaningful interactions with animals. Marine conservation is crucial for Valentina.

She has been volunteering with NGO Nawake Project, helping manage research teams and teaching volunteers strategic sampling projects for shark conservation research. She’s passionate about conservation and spreading awareness by leading life changing experiences with ecotourism. In 2019,

Valentina participated in an international free diving competition where she broke two national records. As much as she enjoyed competing, her career path has been more aligned with showing people the ocean, making them fall in love with it and create ocean advocates.