BIG: A Photographic Album of the World's Largest Animals
 Special Edition — Signed by Amos Nachoum



BIG + Hope

$55 of every sale goes to Mission Blue — supporting their goal of protectiong 30% of the word's oceans by 2030

“Bravo, Amos Nachoum, for sharing in this volume a selection of the images acquired over a lifetime of experiences from pole to pole and around midsection of the world and many places between. I am personally grateful to you for our ventures into the Red Sea and later, in the Coral Sea, before they were sullied with thousands of tons of lost fishing gear, massive amounts of plastic debris and other discarded wastes, before the removal of millions of tons of ocean wildlife, and before the comprehensive impact of human- driven climate disruption had manifest the dramatic changes now evident globally” – Dr, Sylvia Earle

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