Each dive is an adrenaline rush filled with photo opportunities. August to October is prime time for our fourteen diving days of fun-filled action. When our lens aren’t focusing on schools of hammerheads and whale sharks, we’ll dive with aerobatic giant mantas, curious Galápagos, silky and black tip sharks, bottlenose dolphins, and schools of yellow fin tuna chasing mackerel bait balls. During our motor to and from the outlying islands of Wolf and Darwin, we’ll explore Charles Darwin’s islands featuring unique endemic species: marine iguanas, magnificent frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, red sally lightfoot crabs, Galápagos sea lions and penguins, perhaps even the endangered giant tortoise.

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BigAnimals Global Expeditions offers the best of adventure travel.  We explore with a purpose.  We seek to view and learn about ocean giants and endangered species.  Our efforts have earned us a 100% success and safety record.  Join us for an unforgettable, life changing adventure travel experience you will never forget.

For over 40 years BigAnimals Global Expeditions has been leading premier adventure travel for explorers, scuba divers and non-divers, snorkelers, and photographers.  Everyone is welcome.  Come experience BigAnimals Global Expeditions. 



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