The Misunderstood Great White Shark

Written by Amos Nachoum Great White Sharks – Nasty Predator? My expeditions to encounter the Great White Shark tend to sell out fast. That’s what just happened to my last two October expeditions. My favorite spot in the world to see Great Whites is in...

10 Best Marlin Facts

Written by Amos Nachoum My striped marlin adventure is leaving on December 4th, 2010. Want to come along? To get you started, here are the ten best things I know about the striped marlin. 1. You might have seen a marlin on the wall of a sportsman’s lodge and...

Swimming Like a Fish with a Great White Shark

The Great White Shark and Guadalupe Island If you want to swim with a Great White Shark you can come along on my next expedition to Mexico. A select few of us will be going “cage-free” – which is about a close to a totally free fish-like experience...
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