Chris & Amos Before Flight 6/22

Blue Whale & 38' Fishing Boat

Chris and I just landed from the scouting trip over the pacific ocean searching for blue whales. It was an easy flight – light wind in the blue sky over 1,000 feet above sea level. We could see into the distance – calm sea, high sun and blue water all around us – in less than one hour we spotted five blue whales peacefully lolling on the surface and moving slowly. Their giant size made them easy to spot – once this 70 – 80 foot long animal breaks the surface it creates a large white and bright spot over the blue ocean which was easily spotted by my trained pilot who has worked for me for the past five years.

We also spotted humpback whales – many pods of dolphins playing around – and others that were creating a bait ball and starting to feed. Over 30 local fishing vessels, sport and commercial were racing to that location. We also saw floating kelp with a few blue sharks around them. Last but not least, we also saw about a dozen Mola Mola resting sideways on the surface as if they were sunbathing!

All of which is very encouraging for my four guests who arrive from across the world – Brazil, Hong Kong, North Carolina and my 13-year-old cousin from Dallas in pursuit of an encounter with the largest wildlife to ever live on our planet – the blue whale – and to capture some extraordinary images.

As a surprise, I ordered a ‘point & shoot’ waterproof camera from B&H for my cousin. Just imagine the stories he is going to share with his friends once he gets home and starts school again! Stay tuned for more from ‘underwater with the blues.’

best – Amos Nachoum

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