Monday, May 4 was my dear friend Dr. Eugenie Clark’s birthday. This year is the first year I was not able to wish her a happy birthday in person. In remembrance of her, I’d like to share with you this collection of images that showcase her amazing life. They were sent to me from from people who loved her all around the world, Europe, Israel and the USA.

Eugenie was my mentor and inspiration for many years – we shared few expeditions together and I learned from her first hand as she was invited to be a guest lecturer on the following trips…

  • 1980 , 1982, 1986 – Red Sea, Israel
  • 1982 – Great White shark – South Australia
  • 1984 – Sea of Cortez, Mexico
  • 1985 – Galapagos, Ecuador
  • 1987 – Papua New Guinea

Happy birthday, Eugenie. Thanks for all you gave us.
(click on any image to launch slideshow)


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