Written by Amos Nachoum

I’ve posted a Facebook album of croc images from my recent expedition to the Okavango Delta in Botswana.  We saw crocs every day, four to five times a day, anywhere from seven feet long and up to 12 feet long. I had a great experience with my ace guide Brad Bestelink, who is also an extraordinary filmmaker. The expedition was such a  great success that Brad and I have created two new croc adventures – the first of their kind anywhere in the world.

Croc Expedition Departures

The initial departure, during the third week of July 2012, will be seven days of croc encounters for just two diver/photographers. The second departure, during the last week of July 2012, will combine five days of croc expedition with an eight-day Big Cat Safari (encountering lions, cheetah and leopards), and is also for only two diver/photographers.

If you are interested, contact me right away, because these spots will fill up fast.

Click to see the album posted on Facebook.