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You now have exclusive access to download our Africa Circle of Life Africa Safari Adventure Travel profile. This includes the story, itinerary and application to join BigAnimals Expeditions. Please review it and email if you have any questions.

BigAnimals Expeditions has:

  • Experience. Over 40 years experience with worldwide expeditions.
  • Small Groups. We get you closer, safer and you are always in the front line.
  • 100% Sighting. We time our adventure travel expeditions only during peak animal behavior, based on research and experience, due to ongoing environmental changes, currents, and food supply and water temperatures.
  • Immaculate Safety Record. We have an immaculate safety record due to early scouting of each trip and in-depth knowledge of our expedition offering.
  • Photography Coaching. Our award winning trip leaders will help you get that amazing shot.
  • 70% Repeat Business. Our customers love us.
  • Eco Conscious. Our small group policy limits the impact on the wildlife and on the environment versus larger teams.

Thank you for your interest in our Africa Safari Adventure Travel trip.  We are excited to have you join us.

Africa Safari Adventure Travel Thank You from BigAnimals Global Expeditions.



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BigAnimals Global Expeditions offers the best of adventure travel.  We explore with a purpose.  We seek to view and learn about ocean giants and endangered species.  Our efforts have earned us a 100% success and safety record.  Join us for an unforgettable, life changing adventure travel experience you will never forget.

For over 40 years BigAnimals Global Expeditions has been leading premier adventure travel for explorers, scuba divers and non-divers, snorkelers, and photographers.  Everyone is welcome.  Come experience BigAnimals Global Expeditions. 



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