A Meeting in Morocco

For the first time, I’m not at the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association meeting. I was invited instead to join the Pure life Experiences convention, known as PURE. This is a special convention, by invitation only, that is all about experiential travel for the adventurer.

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The Ambassador of the Big Animals

"The Ambassador of the Big Animals" - that's the title of my talk at the Explorer's Club in New York on November 20th. To live up to that ambassador role I'll be in the city, presenting my best stories and information about some of the most fragile regions of the...

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10 Best Marlin Facts

Amos Nachoum’s photography expedition to see a feeding frenzy of striped marlin is leaving on December 4, 2010. The beautiful destination for this adventure is Todos Santos, up the coast from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Come along, and you’ll press reset on everything you might know about this amazing animal, the fastest fish in the ocean.

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Swimming Like a Fish with a Great White Shark

The Great White Shark and Guadalupe Island If you want to swim with a Great White Shark you can come along on my next expedition to Mexico. A select few of us will be going "cage-free" - which is about a close to a totally free fish-like experience as any human might...

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Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey an inspiration

The Blue Ocean film festival in Monterey was rocking this year, featuring five days filled with seminars, workshops, and of course the best of the movies out there focusing on ocean adventures, exploration and ocean conservation issues. The key message this year,...

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somewhere off baja, california

Chris and I just landed from the scouting trip over the pacific ocean searching for blue whales. It was an easy flight - light wind in the blue sky over 1,000 feet above sea level. We could see into the distance - calm sea, high sun and blue water all around us - in...

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